American Locksmiths LLC is one of the few automotive locksmiths in the USA which can now cut and program VW Switchblade keys for several late model VWs

2010 – 2014 VW Jetta


2010 – 2014 VW Beetles


2010 – 2014 VW Passat


These keys cannot even be provided by the dealer on the spot. You have to order the key by the vin number of your car and they come with the transponder chip specially encoded to your vehicle in about four days, then you have to schedule an appointment in the service department to get the key programmed. American Locksmiths can do this for you if you have one operating key in about 10 minutes using OEM VW keys which are exactly the same as your current one for about half the price of the dealer. Do not be caught with just one key on these vehicles, if you loose that one key, your vehicle will not be operational for up to a week, and the cost will be high.  If you have a switchblade key in which the FCC ID ends in 180T which is located under the blade, American Locksmiths can program a key to your VW.  2010 -1014 VW  Jettas, Passats, Golfs, Beetles, and Tiguans have been thoroughly tested so give us a call today to get your second key made.  American Locksmiths is currently working on being able to program the proximity keys where the FCC ID ends in 206T.  Continue to check back to see if we have made the breakthrough yet.